Company Profile

Manhattan Management Company, LLC is a family real estate company, based in Brooklyn, New York, which specializes in the management of garden apartments and commercial office buildings. MMC has over 200 full-time employees trained and motivated to professionally operate its portfolio of properties in New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We offer exceptional locations that reflect our high standards for quality, care, and maintenance. Each complex has a friendly and professional on-site property manager taking care of all the details and ensuring your peace of mind.

Founded in 1961, Manhattan Management Company has been in business for over 50 successful years. MMC has evolved from a part time operation to a sophisticated company employing 250 people, managing 4,000 apartment units in New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, and 7 commercial properties in New Jersey. Additionally, MMC owns 7 office buildings in New Jersey with its joint venture partner, Bergman Realty Company.

Mission Statement

“Providing Maximum Value for Our Residents By Cultivating Each Team Member’s Growth” is our mission statement. The key to our success is in the development of our management team and systems. Training is a continuous program with our company. Through our in-house seminars and educational assistance programs, our staff is constantly developing new processes to ensure our services are of the highest quality.